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This products features our glue/ungle technology, that allows multiple time (up to 5) applications.

Material: laminated bamboo, glue/unglue adhesive back

Kit: this kit contains 5 pieces

Piece dimensions: several different dimensions

Square feet per kit: 0.70

Kit weight: 1.43 lbs

Details: This product is not suitable for installation in external spaces, spaces with humidity (e.g. bathroom), in direct contact with heat/sun, or in surfaces with texture (e.g. rustic finishing, wallpaper).

Cleaning: Just use a duster or water wet cloth. Do not use any chemicals.

Jungle (set of 5)

  • Watch the video by CLICKING HERE and learn how easy you can transform your space.

    It is important to remember:

    The product can be installed in multiple surfaces. For example, you can install in painted walls, mirrors, glass, acrylic, metal, drywall surfaces, MDF, and many more.

    We do not recommend installing the product in external spaces, spaces with humidity, in direct contact with heat/sun, or in surfaces with texture. Examples: Fireplace, bathroom, balcony, and spackled wall.

    For more information you can download the manual by CLICKING HERE.

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